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Ever stumble onto a combo that just works? Fish & Lemonade is a refreshing twist on a classic, serving market fresh fish with better-than-your-momma’s lemonade.

We are committed to sustainable seafood and high quality fresh ingredients, so when you hear that crunch on the first bite you know that everything at Fish & Lemonade has been chosen with care.

If you want more than the battered fish and chips, we’ve got that too! Spicy tacos and burgers, old school fish sandwiches (without the crust of course!) oozing with tartare sauce and pickles all washed down with a cold pressed lemonade. 

You can taste it already, right?



Market Fish

Daily Catch

Our Famous Sambos

on soft white bread using NZ Hake


One size

On the Sides

One size

Little Nippers

All nippers are served with potato twisters, nipper size drink and tomato sauce



Why not top your lemonade with a flower tea topper? Butterfly blue pea flower (sugar free) / Hibiscus (sugar free)



Type of Fish

We have the pleasure of crumbing, frying and grilling some of the freshest seafood in Australia. We’re proud to say it’s responsibly sourced and as local as your favourite barista.

Hake (NZ)

If you’re on the hunt for Hake, look for soft grey skin and a shiny silver belly. This white fish is super versatile with a mild flavour and pleasant flake, making it ideal for grilling, frying and even baking. We source our Hake from the pristine waters of New Zealand where the produce famous for being fresh and sustainable. Once cooked, Hake flesh becomes firm and meaty – perfect for grilling with herb or chilli butter.

Tasmanian Salmon (AUS)

Our Tassie salmon is some of the best in the biz. It’s the juiciest, most full-flavoured fish on our menu and benefits from a healthy lick of herb butter. We source our salmon from southern waters – it’s farmed in Tasmania who adhere to the most sustainable fishing practices. Look out for its bright pink colour, a sign of its brain-boosting antioxidants and rich flavour.

Barramundi (AUS)

Saltwater barramundi is one of the world’s greatest eating fish. As Aussie as green and gold, its name is believed to have originated from the Indigenous Australian language, meaning ‘fish with big scales’. We source our barra from Australia’s best farm in the Daintree, a gorgeous area of Tropical North Queensland surrounded by a World Heritage listed rainforest, the Coral Sea and Great Barrier Reef. Celebrated for its firm, succulent flesh and delicate combination of flavours, it’s one of the most popular fish on our menu.

Calamari (AUS)

Our Aussie calamari runs rings around the others. This fisho favourite is available all year round, carefully sourced from the southern part of our country. We choose only the most sustainable jigging and trawling fishers located between Botany Bay and Western Victoria. Available wild-caught, our calamari have smooth, light brown skin with a violet stripe running down its inner tube, 8 short arms and 2 longer tentacles. These classic cephalopods are best served crumbed and fried, ready for dipping in our house mayo or yogurt tartare sauce.

Lemonade (AUS)

We’re proud to cold-press our lemonade in a two-step process, using a hydraulic press to extract juice from fresh lemons. As pressure is applied to our zingy Aussie citrus, the juice is extracted and the nutrients are both protected and preserved. Unlike other juicing methods, cold-pressing preserves the vitamins, minerals, enzymes, nutrients and flavour. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.